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Yams and Yuca

November 2020 - present

Co-Creator • Host • Producer

A podcast exploring the fabric of Black identities through culture, food, art, life experiences and more.

Yams & Yuca is a space for creatives to share similar ancestral memories that shape who they are. Co-hosts Heather Benson & Kamara Gray bring their unique perspectives as Black Global Citizens living and working in the UK and beyond.

Heather, Kamara and their guests discuss the layers of Black and other cultural identities, how these are expressed personally and professionally and the experiences that shape them.

Guests range in professions across the creative and cultural industries including dance artists, actors, filmmakers, writers, entrepreneurs and more.

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There's something about seeing your people where you go in the world. Seeing people of African heritage in Brazil embracing their identity that felt like home.

Tahlia Gray, Founder of Sheer Chemistry - Season 1 Bonus Episode



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