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Everyone deserves time and space to be inspired, creative, and innovative. 

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For individuals and organisations I provide strategic planning and managerial support to create efficient systems that align with artistic vision.


My experience ranges from

small - scale professional development programmes to large conferences & festivals. 


Specialising in the Lester Horton Technique, I train enthusiasts, young dancers, as well as emerging and professional artists.

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A podcast exploring the fabric of Black identities through culture, food, art, life experiences and more.


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My experience of Heather’s work as a project manager and producer on a number of successful flagship programmes within the dance sector, upholds my belief in her excellence, professionalism, and capability to deliver high-quality work.  Undoubtedly Heather’s leadership and combined business acumen with creativity continues to contribute to multiple successes across the creative industries.

Mercy Nabirye, Founding Director of Kauma Arts