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Maboungou: Being in the World

October 2022 - December 2023

Consultant • Project Manager

The UK Film Screening Tour of Maboungou: Being in the World is presented by Kauma Arts and Dark Matter in association with Mouvement Perpétuel.

‘Maboungou: Being in the World’ delves into the resonant universe of Montréal-based choreographer and philosopher, Zab Maboungou, of Franco-Congolese origin. Her political history, artistry, and pioneering research of rhythm-cultures are acts of empowerment that created belonging for other African artists in Canada and abroad.

With support from the Québec Government Office in London and Canada High Commission, the film will tour to 6 venues across the UK from 29 September to 11 November 2023. Alongside the screenings, the tour will include a facilitated panel of speakers responding to an audience Q&A session, dance and drumming presentations, workshops/Masterclasses as well as networking receptions.

Following the initial tour in autumn 2023, the film and artistic activity will continue in spring/summer 2024.

Designed by Jess Choi




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