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September 2023 - present

Dance Instructor • Project Manager

Reflecting on 38 years of creative and performance excellence, GROUNDATION explores the roots and legacy of IRIE! dance theatre through contemporary African and Caribbean music and dance.

GROUNDATION – Dancing from the Archives brings a collection of West African traditional
dances and Jamaican folk dances, that represent social, ritual, and religious rites. These
dances are the foundation of the movement language/style of IRIE! dance theatre. Each
dance relays a journey or cultural shift in African and Caribbean history, thereby guarding
the stories for us now and those that are yet to come.

Bringing together music and dance, the two new pieces demonstrate resilience, beauty, and
energy in Dance of the African Diaspora while communicating the storytelling and amplifies
the nuances echoed in African and Caribbean culture.


I feel like I was taken on a journey. It was inspiring and uplifting - it awaked the culture within me. It is so important to be reminded of our culture

Audience member, GROUNDATION Oct 2023 Performance



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